Self-Help Centre for Quadriplegics

Fundraising Projects…

Fundraising is not such an easy task as what someone will let themself think.  No, but it is quite challenging and to succeed in it brings us quite joy.  At Ry-Ma-In we have a number of fundraising projects and wherever we can get the public involved to help us means a lot. Twice a year at the end of March and October we have a fete where from a needle to a television gets sold.

We approach the public via newspaper articles, radio and word of mouth for “White Elephant” that they do not need anymore.  May it be old story books, collectables, furniture, kitchen ware, clothing, or any other house hold goods.  We collect or the public bring their goods to us.

Personal donations in the form of money will always be highly appreciated, because the running costs of Ry-Ma-In Self-Help Centre for Quadriplegic’s are tremendously high.  We need between ZAR80 000 – ZAR90 000 per month to have a proper stress free house hold.  It is sometimes difficult  to get sponsorships, because National Lottery do not fund us every year and if we are lucky, then it might be a third year and not for everything we ask for.

Through government funding we do receive some funding, but also not enough to make ends meet.  Please, if anyone can help us to prevent Ry-Ma-In’s doors to close and all 12 residents plus the staff to vacate the premises, then we will always be grateful.

If anyone would be able to help us or can make a contribution towards our running costs, then please feel free to make use of our banking details below.  We really DO appreciate every bit of help we can get.

Banking Details

Name:  Ry-Ma-In Self-help Centre

Bank:  Standard Bank

Branch Code:  006-305

Account Number:  200 556 703

Swift code:  SBZAZAJJ (for international deposits)

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