Self-Help Centre for Quadriplegics




Back left-right: Jimmy, Nadrine, Winnie, Daizel, Miriam, Cilia, Michael, Acasia, Rufus

Front left-right: Craig Braithwaite, Rudy Lombard, Trudie Arndt, Elsie Fouche, Hercie Blaauw, Cilia Rossouw, Chris van Rooyen

Ry-Ma-In Self Help Centre for Quadriplegics is a home where quadriplegics and paraplegics lives and manages this centre as a home of their own.  When one browze through this blog, you will meet an interesting bunch of people with their care-givers making ends-meet here in South Africa and can still say “a home is where your heart is”.

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  1. Celia ons gaan jou mis! Rus lekker. Hoop jy het al vir Pa Koeks gesien. Johan Rheeder

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